The Tidy Maids: From Soot To Shine Guaranteed!

Home is a place where we find our piece of peace. And often we struggle hard to maintain that state, such that it pleases all our senses. And if situation reverses, the only thing that we sense around is chaos! So it’s quite certain that all we seek is mental peace which comes along with a clean and tidy homely aura. So here’s The Tidy Maids, a professional house cleaning agency serving Raleigh since 2006.

About the company:

The maid service Raleigh NC was founded in Raleigh, in the year 2006 and since then it functions as a licensed and an insured company. The company records very low turnover rate, ensuring that the membersget to know their work better. They deal with one house at a time with two persons assigned per house for better house cleaning.

Services rendered:

maid service Raleigh NC


  • For every room the company deals with dusting from the top down (includes: ceiling fans, the cobwebs, wall hangings, furniture, shelves, vents and baseboards.)
  • They use ammonia free cleansers and lint free rags to clean the mirrors and the glass doors.
  • They vacuum clean the carpets, wash the floors and empty the bins.


  • Dusting of cabinets from the top down including the cabinets.
  • Scrubbing of kitchen floor and the platforms.


  • Dusting is followed by cleaning and deodorizing the sinks, tubs, shower and the toilets.
  • Cleaning of mirrors with ammonia free cleaners and lint-free rugs.

Bedrooms and the living area

  • It includes complete top down dusting.
  • They can change the linens too (if provided with new set).
  • Vacuum cleaning.

Service details:

The Raleigh Maid service provides weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services. The schedule so fixed is customer friendly i.e. in accordance with the customer’s availability and leisure. It guarantees 100% quality work and customer satisfaction. And in cases where issues arise, they fix it within 24hrs.