Vulnerabilities in Fortnite on PlayStation 4

Fortnite, unquestionably, has become the biggest Battle Royale game. But like most other games, it has a persistent problem with cheats. Software that claims to help you rig the game in seconds to help you aim better and to achieve a surefire victory are prevalent across the internet. Long gone are those days when cheats were only available for PCs and laptops; Fortnite PS4 cheats are just as readily available now.

Game hacks: a multimillion-dollar industry

fortnite ps4 cheats

Since the dawn of video games, there have been cheaters. For competitive games like GTA series, Tomb Raider, or more recently Fortnite, battling cheaters is an eternal task. Game developers have taken several measures against cheating, and some have proven to be effective, such as DNS caching for online games. But hackers can still find their way around surveillance nets. With the growing use of multiple devices, it is no surprise that game cheats have crept up into PS4 and Xbox. In this context, not all game cheats are alike. Cheating can be an expensive hobby for at least 1 percent of online players. Take, for example, Fortnite. Fortnite PS4 cheats can cost anywhere from $1 to over a hundred dollars, depending on what abilities you want Рrapid fire or better aim to instant builds.

The real cost of cheating

Game cheating might be a few clicks away, and it might be cheap to buy, but it comes with very high risk and a cost. Cost of infringement can range from disbarment or a permanent ban from the game, $150,000 for copyright infringement in the United States, or may include a prison sentence for violating DMCA rules. At the end of the day, cheats can get you what you want in the short-term, but you have asked the question, is it really worth the real cost of cheating or is it better to earn your way to the top with merit.